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Edward Lloyd Poultry are suppliers of reared poultry and poultry transportation services throughout Nottinghamshire and the rest of the UK.

With over 35 years experience and knowledge in the poultry industry, Edward Lloyd Poultry rear their poultry to the highest of standards, ensuring the wellbeing of all birds.

Healthy and vital birds are a good basis for successful rearing and fattening. Edward Lloyd Poultry realise this and make sure all birds meet the strictest requirements, supplying all customers with healthy, strong birds.

Edward Lloyd Poultry - Poultry Suppliers Nottingham



Edward Lloyd Poultry supply chickens & turkeys as day olds & reared!

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Egg Laying Garden Chickens

Our birds are egg laying chickens for domestic use and will lay for 2 – 3 years.


Edward Lloyd Poultry - Poultry Suppliers Nottingham

Based in Newark, Edward Lloyd Poultry rear and deliver point of lay pullets, broiler chickens and goslings, rearing turkeys specifically for the Christmas trade.

We provide a nationwide service for general wholesale orders, as well as a “collection only” service on small domestic orders.

Transportation hygiene is vitally important and we ensure we disinfect all our vehicles to prevent cross contamination.

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